Bruno Tonioli Is My Favorite Judge

this week, for commending that young Latin dancer for putting fouettes into her jive (which I’ve never seen before either), and for telling them to continue taking ballet, since that is the best way to learn all dances. Yay, Bruno!

I’m glad they had Cody and Julianne dance again. That jitterbug was the best routine I think I’ve seen on the show, ever. I can’t believe he did that!

How fun were The Stray Cats! Or I guess the Brian Setzer Orchestra now. He looks different, but sounds exactly the same.

Wow, I didn’t see those results coming at all. Wrong was I…Â I’m rather annoyed, actually. I feel like the public was too blind to the judges. Toni’s WCS was NOT bad yesterday.

Interesting NYTimes article about Cloris Leachman, by the way.


  1. I’m really upset… I mean Toni’s dance wasn’t a WCS (hate Lacey so I won’t even go there) but COME ON? Clois is better than Toni? I don’t think so.. and WTF Michael Flately as a judge… This show has really gone down hill since it started.

  2. I know — Michael Flatley! When they said they were having a substitute judge, I thought they meant someone big from the BALLROOM world! What does Michael Flatley know about ballroom? I think they’re trying to re-vamp the show by trying all these different things: a different guest judge, new dances, etc. And some of it’s good, like the different dances. But I think they need to do more. I think they need more famous celebrities, not all sports stars, and I think they need to showcase top ballroom dancers more often, and include performances by other types of dancers — like ballet. This is a dance show; they should showcase and celebrate dance more. There’s too much talking — all this goofy rehearsal footage with gimmicky crap — I invited so and so’s high school principal to come discipline him, his mom to tell him to calm down, etc. And all the chatting with Samantha afterward the performance, and all the prior footage from the week before… I could go on and on. I just feel myself screaming at the TV “come on, come on” all the time this season!

  3. I can’t believe they have FLATLEY next week. What, no one with BALLROOM experience is available? My eye! Sigh. What is going on with this show? Were it not for my blogging the show for Ballroom Dance Channel, I’d stop watching!

  4. Honestly? I don’t like the fact that they took out dances and changed up the format… I mean the whole premis of the show was to compare the other dances to the each other, hence the reason for each couple to reach having done all 10 dances. There was a good reason for doing the dances…. I mean I like the dances, just they’re not “ballroom dances”! They’re social dances and while WCS does get competitive, it shouldn’t be done on this show…. *sigh*

    The first 3 seasons of DWTS were good but it started going down hill and I think it’s lost a lot of it’s magic… I wish they would just go back to the old way…

    Most of the people on my DWTS group are getting really ticked off at this point…

    I respect Flaltey as a dancer but not as a ballroom judge….

  5. I agree, you guys. I liked the social dances for one week, but am hoping it’s not going to be a permanent thing. Anyway, I posted this:

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