More Thoughts On How To Spice Up DWTS

My HuffPo piece is up.


  1. What’s with this comment?: “This entire show idea was taken from Spanish television” Um… so not true…

  2. Yeah, I thought it was based primarily on Strictly Come Dancing in England. That Spanish show s/he talks about sounds pretty interesting though. I like the idea of normal people dancing for dreams.

  3. It is. *grins* The US is based strictly on the UK show… However I don’t know about the UK show… I thought the UK was an original idea (but then again in this day and age, I wonder if anybody knows what that is anymore LOL) too but I don’t know for sure since I’ve only seen a handful of SCD videos.

    Dude, If I was given the chance, I would love to go on DWTS…

    I wish you had a Livejournal.. there’s been some interesting discussions going on… it’s been kind of crazy 🙂

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