Halloween & Center Stage

Interesting decoration I saw on the street.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Also, don’t forget, the night after Halloween, (Saturday, November 1) Oxygen cable network is airing the premiere of the new movie Center Stage 2, or Center Stage: Turn It Up. According to the network’s website, it’s scheduled to show a couple of times that evening, as well as the following Sunday and Wednesday. So you have plenty of chances 🙂


  1. Is it totally sad that I’m going to be watching this just to see Ethan? So sad…

    Oh so I checked out my local library and as I suspected: no books on Tchaikovsky! Only DVDs of the ballets and CDs of his works.

  2. I had to order my Tchaikovsky books from the general NYPL site. The NYPL is pretty good in that you can order books from anywhere in NYC to be delivered to your local library. My local one didn’t have a thing. And even at that, the major biographies — by David Brown — weren’t in the system at all.

  3. I could try the university library but that involves me going up and getting a community card since I’m not longer a student LOL

  4. So this is a straight-to-tv release? That’s kind of sad. Looking forward to seeing it on video, as I don’t get cable.

  5. Yes, Maria, it was straight to video / DVD. I just got cable myself (mainly to watch Step It Up and Dance if you can believe… but it’s also coming in handy for CNN’s election coverage right now!) I think I’m going to write a post tomorrow if I have time, but it was better than I was expecting. Ethan Stiefel wasn’t in it enough — his hip hop was definitely NOTHING to write home about! — but there was a nice scene of him showing a student how to do his jumping, spinning, leaping ballet solo. The scene I most loved of the first Center Stage was him and Sascha Radetsky doing their little bravura ballet dance-off. Fun stuff!

    This sequel seemed to highlight hip hop more. Ballet was presented as this stuffy world where people get where they are because their parents have money, girls starve themselves, everyone is a bore — whereas hip hop is the opposite. Of course in the end, the poor girl gets the title role, and everyone congratulates her for not giving up, etc. So, all’s well that ends well. But, you know, plot’s totally predictable, characters are rather one-dimensional, dancing is so-so (except for Ethan’s ballet solo). I thought the actors did well, though. The main guy reminded me of Pasha Kovalev. Very cute 🙂

    Did anyone else see it?

  6. The main guy… is gorgeous (but then again my area is dry in terms of guys LOL)… his bio says he’s from Mass but there were twings of an Aussie accent in there.

    The main girl… she looks like she could be Mariska Hargitay’s daughter. She’s beautiful.

    Hate the hip hop but *shrugs* I get to see Ethan dance so it’s all good

  7. Oh come on, that guy had a huge accent! I was surprised they didn’t either explain it away by having the character be from Australia, or give the actor a better accent coach!

  8. Oh, this is the Kenny Wormald everyone has been so going on about!: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1552693/ Wow, he IS a very good dancer — especially in hip hop.

  9. He had an accent but he also had an Eastern seaboard accent as well as a Massachusetts one too 🙂 But Hey I’ll take an Aussie accent too

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