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Not! Can’t afford Chanel 🙂 but wanted to visit one of their boutiques showing more art from the mobile exhibit. One on 57th street is Pierre et Gilles‘ “I Don’t Want To Sleep Alone.” Rather amusing…

Update: So, exhibit in the 57th Street Chanel store was this: there were three large, life-sized photographs (touched up with glossy veneers). On the left was a young man in bed with a small fuschia Chanel bag. He looked a bit crazed, was staring at the camera with his mouth open. There were cigarette butts all over the floor, magazines scattered haphazardly, etc. On the right panel was a picture of him in the bathtub, looking equally catatonic; the same fuschia Chanel bag at the edge of the tub. In the middle, elevated above the other two pictures, was a photo of the man dressed in a beautiful wedding gown, looking very angelic, very happy. Oh my gosh, funny thing, I don’t even remember whether he had the Chanel bag in that picture… But the whole wall on which the photos were hung was done up in a stunning shade of fuschia — same as the handbag — with kind of a glittery facade. I guess he came to terms with his obsession and was now at peace. Or he overcame it. Or else his obsession enveloped him, and his whole world was now pink. Anyway, it was quite a spectacle, and had there been more than about three people in the store (the economy must really be hurting the couture boutiques) I’m sure everyone’s attention would have been drawn right there.

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  1. Amazing thing the power of advertising. I love the fact images are now so artistic – although the advertising element is subtle it is probably even more effective.

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