Obama giving his acceptance speech

Obama giving his acceptance speech

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He is, right!? I’m not just really drunk, right!?


  1. NO!! You’re not ! *hugs* I’m really glad it’s over too though…

  2. He won!!! He won!!! He won!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! I can’t wait to see what kind of President he will be.

  3. I know, I’m glad too, Katrina. It’s been really nerve-wracking these past few day, weeks actually, well months even, and I woke up with a big migraine that I think was only slightly attributable to the alcohol.I often get my worst headaches after the stressful period has passed.
    Hi Shim — how did your lesson go with Karolina?

  4. I’m so cautiously optimistic. He has so much to deal with and after the reports I heard last night.. I worry for his family. Did you hear they picked up a group of guys going to the Chicago Rally with Sniper rifles? *head shake* Even after last night, I’m still embarrassed by my country. I just hope over the next four years with his help, he can change that.

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