The Times Liked Center Stage 2

“Some of the acting is stilted in spots, but the dancing is fantastic. And the leitmotif of class resentment is an apt one for the times.” Scroll down to the bottom to see the short review. The critic is a television not dance writer. I guess it shows what different audiences’ expectations may be. Via Selly whose review (with a good many comments) is here.


  1. You know, I liked it for a movie but the dancing did really almost kind of sucked (IE: Ethan was awesome :))

  2. I agree, Katrina. I liked Ethan (for the split second he was on; he was on much longer in the first CS), but I didn’t otherwise like the dancing at all. Well, I thought some of the extras in the hip hop scenes were good — but the main characters’ dancing — both hip hop and ballet — was pretty lacking…

  3. That’s honestly the only reason I watched it…I know sad… my social life (or lack thereof) is really sad haha.

  4. No, that’s mainly the reason I watched as well!

  5. Oh, I didn’t know it was showing already! Is it only on TV or on any theater also? I couldn’t find any info…

  6. Hi Dea — no, it’s not being released in theaters; it went straight to DVD. It was showing on the Oxygen cable TV network, but I think the showings are over now, and you can only buy on DVD or rent on Netflicks maybe?… I really don’t think it’s worth buying — definitely just rent it.

  7. Dea, check here:
    That will give you air times if you put in your cable provider and zip code.

  8. Thanks for finding that Katrina!

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