Annoyingly Unoriginal DWTS Finale

I hate to say it but I was bored. Again. Even for the finale.

Did they honestly waste a half an hour of my time by showing repeats of two earlier-in-the-season dances per couple? Please tell me I was just imagining it, that they really did find something more interesting on which to spend the first third of the show.

And didn’t they rip off Dirty Dancing with that footage of Brooke and Derek learning lifts in water?

And Lance & Lacey’s hip hop was fine I guess if you’re judging it from a ballroom-show perspective, but if you’ve seen America’s Best Dance Crew even once you know how hackneyed and unoriginal most of those moves were.

And how many times have I seen Proud Mary used for a jive?

And those kids’ competitions are getting really yawn-inducing too. The dancers are just so much better in America’s Ballroom Challenge.

It was just a night where I found myself thinking over and over again, how unimaginative, how overused, how boring…

The only thing I can really say I liked (and I know some people — Katrina, my mom 🙂 — are going to kill me) but I really enjoyed watching Lacey in the group Samba. That girl can move. And I like that she’s not an emaciated waif. And I like that she has a strong personality. She’s been out of line a few times (ie: making references to Cloris in a retirement home), but I think she’s realized the words were distasteful as soon as they came out of her mouth. I think it’s more a case of not thinking before you speak and doing it on national TV than really being an unfeeling person.

Anyway, I hope tomorrow night is better.


  1. LOL I think Lacey is an amazing dancer… it’s her attitude that I can’t stand. And the fact that she is disrespectful, especially of Len, which annoys me. She is a very good dancer, I liked watching her Samba routine before (the one where it looks like streamers are coming out of her butt LOL) but just her whole attitude this whole season bugs me and what I’ve heard from master classes.

    The whole water thing… it’s not only from Dirty Dancing but they’ve done it before in the show (I think Karina and Mario did it… there were a couple of couples who did it). But yah I was bored too

  2. Tonya, I really didn’t get the 10s for Brooke’s freestyle. I know you’re a “foot watcher”. Didn’t you think her feet in those white sneakers were just flip flopping around? No energy to them. For me it was really glaring and I thought for sure the judges would comment on it.

  3. I totally agree, Barbara. I could not for the life of me understand what the judges were going on about. It was fast-paced and energetic but I felt like her footwork and legs were just like the other jive that she screwed up before. She was just jumping around. Maybe they just wanted to make her feel like she improved? They wanted her jive-trying-skills to end on a good note (since this was basically a jive too)? I wasn’t impressed at all either! Will be interesting to see who wins tonight. I’m thinking it’s going to be Warren.

  4. Tonya, hooray, I think you and the other commenters here are the only sane people on the entire Internet! I too could not figure out what on earth the judges had seen in Brooke’s freestyle, and I oto think Warren is going to win tonight.

  5. I don’t want Warren to win. hello he has no technique… only showmanship… but I wasn’t thrilled with Brooke’s either… I thought all the freestyles were boring.

  6. Well, another finale with the only surprise being the #2 couple. I can’t believe Lance and Lacey came in third. I love Warren, but let’s be real – he’s not anywhere near the dancer Lance is. It would have been interesting to see if Misty would have given Brooke a run for her money… Tom Bergeron is an A+ host – very entertaining and very quick with his quips. Samantha Harris, not so much. She’s bombed several times in saying ridiculous things to the couples. Has anyone told her the show isn’t about HER? On to another season…and I’ll miss Julienne Hough – what a little beauty!!

  7. Pia, I think too many people now think the show is about THEM. The judges, the pros, Samantha…everyone is trying to hog the spotlight, and it doesn’t really work! I guess the show has been a hit for long enough that the pros and judges are as famous as many of the “stars”…

  8. Thanks for the comments you guys! It definitely would have been interesting to see how everyone would have placed if Misty hadn’t gotten injured. I’m still sad about that. I know, I do think these things start to happen when a show becomes popular. Everyone becomes famous and they know it then they really start to get vain and try to take over. My favorite judge by far is Len. He still seems pretty down to earth. Yeah, I agree, Tom’s done a pretty good job too.

    I’ll miss Julianne too… I wonder who will replace her?

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