More on Slavik and Hanna

Of course we weren’t allowed to take videos of the performances at the Starry Winter Night Showcase (part of Columbia University’s Big Apple Dancesport Challenge, that I went to Saturday night — see post below) but here are some videos of a recent performance by Slavik and Hanna in Greece. The showdances are very similar to the ones I saw. I don’t feel as bad for my thoughts; if you read the YouTube comments, a lot of people felt as I did. Here’s their Rumba, their Samba, the Jive (with the suspenders :)) , the Paso, and the Cha Cha.

Unfortunately, they had the lights turned down so low all my pictures all turned out to be crap. Witness below:

(See what I mean. I still think Slavik’s greatness is recognizable 😀 )

And here’s Katusha Demidova taking a bow. (I didn’t even try to take pictures of the Standard — I knew they’d never come out). But totally forgot to mention how wonderful she and Arunas Bizokas were. They are a veritable Fred and Ginger. I’m totally serious. The best ballroom dancers this country has EVER seen. EVER.

Anyway, I’m writing reviews of this event and the Dance Times Square in-house competition (always a blast) for Explore Dance and will link when they’re up.

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