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I know I’m very behind on my Alvin Ailey posts (on all my posts actually). Promise to catch up!

Here are some pictures from Hope Boykin’s sweet Go in Grace, which premiered at Ailey last week and which I wrote about here.

The “family” — “daughter” Rosalyn Deshauteurs, “father” Amos J. Machanic (who blew me away, as always!), Renee Robinson as “mother”, Clifton Brown as the “son” (my “son” was Matthew Rushing), and Kirven J. Boyd and Antonio Douthit as the up to no good boys (spelled “Boyz” in the program)

(First two photos by Steve Vaccariello, taken from the Alvin Ailey website)

The dancers, with Sweet Honey in the Rock members, who provided live singing and acted as a kind of chorus, interacting with the dancers throughout, warning the daughter not to let herself be taken advantage of by boys, shaking their heads at the boyz for leading the son astray, comforting family members dealing with the pain of the father’s death, etc.)

(This photo and the next two are by Paul Kolnick)

Amos as the father, having his final, heartbreaking, dance.

Rosalyn as the daughter, being carried off by the crowd.

At the end she and her father dance side by side, doing the same steps, the father in a kind of shadow position behind her, a spirit guiding her.

Go in Grace is showing a few more times this season. Go here for the City Center schedule.

Here’s a picture (by Steve Vaccariello) of the Go in Grace choreographer, dancer Hope Boykin, in the company’s other big premiere this season, Mauro Bigonzetti’s Festa Barocca. I thought I’d moblogged about it, but I actually tweeted. (I sometimes get things I do with my cell phone a bit confused…) Anyway, I have to go to bed right now, but I will blog about Festa tomorrow.

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