Live Blogging DWTS Name-Dropping

I guess I’ll try to post the name-drops (for Dancing With the Stars Spring season 2009) as they’re announced. I think. Unless I get tired. Or need to get a cupcake. I should probably do that now…

Anyway, they’ve so far announced that new stars will include a famous male reality TV show star (who won’t be famous to me since I never watch reality TV), a football star, some kind of celebrity gossip show host, and someone else who I’ve already forgotten… When are they supposed to start announcing the names for real? It’s 8:30 already.

Okay, first four are:

1) Rapper L’il Kim;

2) reality tv star Steve-O (I think that’s the right spelling);

3) NFL star Lawrence Taylor;

4) Nancy O’Dell (missed who she is);

they said the next four will be announced during Desperate Housewives, coming up next. So, making a cupcake run.

Okay, got cupcakes. Did anything happen?

Well, they just said they’re dropping all names in less than 30 minutes, but I’m tired of waiting. Awesome Katrina just posted the list down in the comments! Thanks Katrina, you rock!

So, going by this list that Katrina linked to:

5) Belinda Carlisle, formerly of the Go-Gos. Oh cool, I haven’t seen her in forever. And I used to love them. They were the first group I ever saw on MTV (back when it was first created :S) — ah memories 🙂

6) David Alan Grier. I think I remember him from In Living Color. I can’t remember exactly which one he was though without looking him up, which I’ll do in a minute. I used to like that show though, so this is a good one by me.

7) Jewel, the pop star. Hmmm, I like her.

8) Shawn Johnson, the youngest ever contestant on the show, at 17, and Olympic gold medalist in women’s gymnastics on the balance beam. Ridiculously, I’m not even sure I remember her.It was the Bejing Olympics! What’s wrong with me?

9) Gilles Marini, from Sex and the City. I never watched the series, but Katrina says he’s a hottie!

10) Ty Murray, a rodeo star. Hmmm, a shit kicker? Interesting.

11) Denise Richards, the movie star.

12) Chuck Wicks, singer and song-writer. Don’t know him. He’s dating Julianne Hough, Katrina?

13) Steve Wozniak, a “Silicon Alley icon and philanthropist” who designed for Apple, according to the Reality TV website.

I’ll edit the post again if there are any changes in the announcements. Otherwise, I guess it’s overall an okay cast. I like a few of them anyway. Several I don’t know. Without seeing anything so far, I predict Wozniak is first to get booted. An entrepreneur, intellectual type? Maybe he’ll defy stereotypes, who knows…


  1. I hate the fact that Steve o is on there as well as L'il Kim
    I have the other names if you're interested… they got leaked…
    Nancy O'Dell hosts Access Hollywood

  2. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Yes! Are they on your blog, Katrina?

  3. No, I'm waiting…

    Ok, I take that back… they're not confirmed by abc, however 4 members of the list are already confirmed so I'm thinking the whole list will be correct:

    JEWEL (she'll be competing against her Husband Ty Murry)
    SHAWN JOHNSON (While I'd rather seen her back in the gym so she can kick Nastia's butt, but if she takes 2009 off (at least the spring), I'd be okay if she comes back for 2012)
    LIL' KIM
    GILLES MARINI (Major hottie)
    CHUCK WICKS (which I think is quite odd since oh I don't know his girlfriend is Julianne, I don't really think it's fair if he's on)


  4. Well I take back my previous comment… This was posted in my lvejournal DWTS group:

  5. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Thanks Katrina! You rock!

  6. hehe thanks Tonya… Frankly I think it's really amusing that while the show is filmed on the west coast, that they broadcast live to the east coast and the west coast has to wait 3 hours… I think it's dumb LOL

  7. Yes Chuck and Julianne are dating. He's a country singer

    Ty and Jewel are married

  8. Gilles Marini isn't from the series but the movie 🙂

  9. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Okay, apparently a 8 ) makes that sunglassed smiley-face emoticon because this is the second time it's happened and I didn't do it on purpose. It is kind of funny though.

    Haha, I guess you can tell I didn't see the Sex & City movie either 🙂 I should have though — i can't believe it missed it.

    It is ridiculous that everything is broadcast here earlier. They should broadcast it at the same time, even if it means it's showing here later. Tonight was particularly stupid.

  10. The next four:
    Shawn Johnson
    Denise Richards
    Giles Marini
    Chuck Wicks

  11. LOL you totally should before the sequel comes out 🙂

    He's sooo hot 🙂

    I”m excited for Shawn but I'd kind of like her to be back in the gym but hopefully this will help not only her dance ability and her flexibility.

  12. Did you the next ones:
    Shawn Johnson
    Denise Richards
    Giles Marini
    Chuck Wicks

  13. More:
    David Alan Grier
    Belinda Carlisle
    Steve Wozniak

  14. Last two:
    Ty Murray

  15. Thanks Katrina! Glad that's over – finally. Now, we have to wait for March 9th, which seems so far away…

  16. Apperently Jewel and Ty aren't the only couple on the show…there are two others but I have no idea who they are… I hope Julianne is not paired with Chuck. I'm going to be really upset if that happens

  17. Oh I thought Julianne wasn't going to be on the show this season. Did she change her mind?

  18. apparently… I'm so miffed about this. I just don't think it's fair

  19. Sounds like dangling getting to dance with her fiancee was a mighty powerful carrot…Katrina, I'm with you on the it being unfair. I'm VERY underwhelmed with this cast! Seems more like Dancing with the Felons to me….

  20. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Yeah, I agree with you guys. I don't like that she changed her mind, if she has indeed done that. She was so firm up front that she was going to take a break. And that's rather ridiculous to let her dance with her fiance. Jewel and her husband aren't dancing together, obviously since they're both amateurs. None of the other relatives have danced together. It just seems wrong — they already know each other for one thing. Part of learning to dance is learning partnership skills, to work with a certain person. The others don't have the benefit of already knowing their partner so well. It's like giving them a huge headstart. Of course problems encountered on the dance floor could lead to partner problems off the floor as well. Maybe that's what the producers are aiming for — some real-life romantic drama?…

  21. By the way, they're not engaged 🙂 Just dating. Julianne's been down that engagement once and I don't think she's ready to rush in again.

    The only one that I'm excited about seeing is Shawn, though I wish she was back in the gym… though maybe this will be helpful for her in terms of flexibility and dance skills.

    Even though People is confirming they're partners for show, apparently we have to wait till Thursday to see who's partnered with whom

  22. People are already talking about how unfair it is to have Shawn Johnson on there because she has “dance” skills… *eye roll* it's Kristi all over again.

  23. Maybe Steve-O and Lil Kim will be off soon, especially Steve-O — the poor pro who gets stuck with him–I would be scared to touch him or get near him with the stuff he's eaten, touched, done…yuck

    I thought Ty Murray and Jewell were living together for a long time and not married. It should be interesting seeing them compete against each other, both are very competitive. BTW Ty is sort of king of the shit kickers. I wonder if Julianne said she would be on this season IF she could dance with her boyfriend, or if they got her to come back by letting her dance with him. It does seem a bit unusual. Oh, speaking of couples on the show… I heard tonight that Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff are engaged. Can you imagine the egos in that relationship?
    Sorry I'm random and gossippy tonight.

  24. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Okay, I am going to have to watch more reality tv! I've never heard of this Steve-O guy! I know, Laurel, I thought the same thing about Maks and Karina 🙂 Something tells me she has the bigger ego, so hopefully he's a good guy and can pamper her 🙂

    Did you guys see Maks and Denise on Good Morning America? I watched and it was basically nothing. She said she calls him “Maksy Poo” — don't know if I'd admit that, but she apparently felt comfortable doing so. And he spoke so softly I couldn't even hear what he said. But he seemed sweet. They were on for about 5 seconds. ABC had built it up like the whole cast was going to be on. I'm getting quite sick of ABC.

    By the way, does anyone know who the pros this season are going to be and who they're going to be paired with, or when that info is going to be revealed?

  25. Steve-O was one of the main JackAss guys. Some of their gags are hilarious, but others I would rather not have in my memory…like the time he let someone sew (staple?) his butt cheeks together. That is mild in comparison to some things he's done. Steve-O on a family entertainment show is almost like Howard Stern on Sesame Street.
    Nancy O'dell said today that she will know tomorrow or Wed who her partner will be. I guess they all find out their partners some time this week.

  26. Thanks for the info, Laurel! I'll be waiting to hear about the partnerships. Interesting info about Steve-O. Clearly I am missing out :S

  27. Tonya, Thursday, all other pro/partners will be revealed.

  28. Excellent, Katrina!

    I'm still laughing about Steve-O and the butt cheeks, you guys. Clearly, there is something wrong with me…

  29. I still don't believe they chose Steve-O. I wonder who he's paired with…poor girl. I can't exactly bring myself to recommend to anyone that they watch Jackass , but I will say that it is a mix between the most disgusting and idiotic moments on film and almost pee in your pants hilarity. My favorite Jackass was not quite so disgusting. One of them dressed up in a werewolf costume and went out in London scaring people. He would jump out from behind trees at people and pop up in crowded subways and howl. For some reason it always makes me laugh.

    From the list so far, I think Ty Murray might be my favorite. My southern redneck side is showing but he's kinda cowboy hot and seems like a real good guy. I don't know about the dancing ability, though.

    I also heard today that two other former So You Think You Can Dance contestants are pros this season. Dmitry Chaplin from three years ago (the year Benji won) and Chelsea Hightower from this past season will also be on the show. I think Lacey Schwimmer is returning, too. No Anya and Pasha : (

  30. Oh wow, Dmitry and Chelsea! That's exciting! I liked both of them a lot. Dmitry grew on me in future seasons when he'd choreograph and the one time he danced with the judge, Mary. He seemed far better then than when he was on the show. I really wish Pasha and Anya would be on though. I wonder why they're not…

  31. Oh wow, Dmitry and Chelsea! That's exciting! I liked both of them a lot. Dmitry grew on me in future seasons when he'd choreograph and the one time he danced with the judge, Mary. He seemed far better then than when he was on the show. I really wish Pasha and Anya would be on though. I wonder why they're not…

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