Marcelo Has a New Headshot!

I know how excited everyone is about this! He really did need a new one.

I found out when I was looking through old posts to see what I wrote about Balanchine’s Theme and Variations and this one came up. I was scrolling down and suddenly there was someone I didn’t recognize, at first. I almost dropped the playbill I was holding. Look at those puppy dog eyes! Don’t they just melt you? Okay I’ll stop. But, well, cool, I guess my blog automatically updates ABT headshots!

(this new photo is by Jade Young, courtesy of ABT)


  1. he's so dreamy! 🙂 I definitely could think of some SF Ballet dancers who should update their head shots – Tiit Helimets is one of them that comes to mind. He's so much better looking onstage than he is in his head shot.

  2. Wow, the new headshot looks amazing!!!

  3. the affectation of affectlessness is a bit tired.

    add a mona-lisa smile to this picture and i'd be on board.

  4. The eyes are indeed gorgeous.

  5. The eyes are indeed gorgeous.

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