(photo by Andrea Mohin from the NYTimes)

I’ll write more after I see the second program, but I want to highly recommend for people in NY to go see Ronald K. Brown’s company EVIDENCE, at the Joyce Chelsea now through February 15th. His work is by turns serious, sobering, thought-provoking, humorous, celebratory, exciting in a makes you wanna stand up and dance yourself way, and always spiritual. His movement style is a beautiful blend of African and American modern, danced to music ranging from percussive African drums (played live) to Duke Ellington, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and Fela Kuti, and, unlike with the majority of dance companies I’ve seen, the women (who are, gloriously, all shapes, sizes, and ages) really stand out!

On Tuesday night (opening night), the audience was so into it, applauding and cheering on the individual dancers throughout: “You go, girl; Okay, Clarice, tell it!”, etc. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that level of excitement at concert dance.  Usually everyone’s so quiet and “well behaved” 🙂 My friend Alyssa and I were cracking up. If you can, do go!

Go here for more info and to see a video.

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