(above dancing in …Byzantium, photo by Tom Caravaglia)

This is my profund thought of the day. Sorry, it’s Saturday morning and it’s been a long week.

Anyway, I do think Samson has an expansive quality to his dancing that makes him very compelling to watch, and the quintessential Paul Taylor dancer. I remember noticing him in TAKE (his headshot is at the bottom of that linked-to post, by the way). The way he makes broad, sweeping movements, the way he makes use of the stage, the fullness and breadth.

Last night was ...Byzantium, Changes, and Arden Court, the latter two of which I loved, particularly the last, which was really lovely and made me realize what it is about Paul Taylor that people love. More coming soon!

In the meantime, I’m off to my last Paul Taylor performance of the season. Sadly.

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