(image of Anna Demidova and her competition partner taken from here)

I’m just getting home now and watching the show (was at New York City Ballet tonight — where else 🙂 ) I haven’t been writing posts about the elimination rounds but I couldn’t believe what miracles Anna Demidova worked on Maurice Green tonight in the pro teacher comp.

Both she and Mayo are wonderful dancers on their own, but tonight Anna stood so far above Mayo and Afton in terms of teaching ability it’s not even funny. Maurice never danced like that with Cheryl, right?! His dancing was all polish, sophistication, precision, passion, power, like never before. That ending pose on releve was breathtaking, particularly for track star Maurice. Where did all that come from? And he hadn’t even danced Tango before. That’s an excellent teacher, that’s all I can say. I know people are voting on who has the most charm, sex appeal, personality, etc. and not just teaching ability, but, wow, I want to take lessons with her. Oh, I hope she wins.

And so Lil Kim went home. I’m disappointed but to be honest I couldn’t help but really want Ty to stay on. I don’t care that he’s not technically as good as she is — he’s just such a sweetheart. He’s a down to earth guy, a hard-working everyman whose charm lies in his authenticity, you know; you don’t get the sense that anything’s fake with him and he’s certainly not vamping it up or appealing to the lowest common denominator in selling himself. (Not that Lil Kim in particular was doing those things — I’m speaking more generally than that). Ty’s just trying hard and being himself. And you can tell he has a clearly defined sense of self and isn’t going to let anyone talk him into doing anything stupid. You know what I mean? One of the first we’ve seen like that on this show. I really admire him.


  1. All my votes went to Mayo (who names their kid Mayo?!) and Anna… She reminds me so much of one of my college classmates. So much so it's kind of weird.

    I really really hope Ty goes home next week. He shouldn't be in the finals.

  2. Yeah, I'll be happy with Mayo too. He was so good last week with the Jive. And Lisa Rinna did well too in the pro/student comp as well.

  3. who won nigguhs?

  4. who won nigguhs?

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