(Above, a couple of pics of her and her partner, Igor Mikushov, I took at, it looks like, the Manhattan Dancesport Championships)

I’d gone to ABT last night and got home right before the DWTS winner was announced and so didn’t have to watch the whole show to see who won. I was so high on my night at ABT I’d totally forgotten about the DWTS pro results!

EEEEE, Anna! I’m so happy for her. I’ve long admired her, watching her dance at Blackpool and the US Nationals here and the other comps. And of course her sister is the reigning Queen of Standard. I actually hope this can bring greater recognition to Katusha Demidova and her partner Arunas Bizokas.

They are a contemporary Fred and Ginger. I’m not exaggerating one smidgeon. I’m not. I truly believe anyone who has the chance to see them dance will think the same. The only reason they’re not as famous is because those MGM movies aren’t around these days. Otherwise, they’d be stars.

I really thought everyone would go for a hot, sexy Latin dancer. (Not that I’d blame them if Slavik Kryklyvyy or Sergey Surkov was a contender!) But I’m beyond thrilled America went for elegance and romance and sophisticated, high-end glamour. Maybe there’s hope for ballet to make a mainstream comeback…


  1. hmmmm…. if the past is any indicator, this does not bode well for her dancesport career.

  2. Congratulations to Shawn Johnson and Anna Demidova! I'm really excited for both of them!
    Blackpool starts tomorrow! How much better can it get??? 😀

  3. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Yeah, I'm assuming she's probably going to focus on TV after the next season begins. I can't see how anyone could have time for both anyway.

  4. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    I know. I'm so sad I'm not going! My first time missing it in three years 🙁 What about you — are you going?

  5. I'm really happy for her. Although, I really don't want her to get stuck on the show. Hopefully I'll be able to see her perform for a while.

    On another note, I'm very upset to be missing Blackpool this year. I couldn't go last year because I got sick right before. Can't go this year either, last year my brother's found a site for me to watch it streamed live, but the site isn't broadcasting it this year. If anyone knows of a site, let me know

  6. No, I'm not going. 🙁 But I am excited about it!

  7. No, I'm not going. 🙁 But I am excited about it!

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