Top to bottom: Ashley Bouder and Robert Fairchild in Lifecasting, Tiler Peck in Mercurial Manoeuvres, and Maria Kowroski and Philip Neal in Slaughter on 10th. All photos by Paul Kolnik, courtesy of NYCB.

My friend Michael (whose novel is reviewed in the New York Times Book Review this Sunday, woo hoo!!!) and I saw this program Wednesday night. It was one of my favorites at NYCB and I think his as well. (Well, he loves Ashley and I love Mr. F. so it was a given we’d be melted into our seats by the end of Lifecasting).

But we were also both blown away for the first time by Wheeldon’s Mercurial Manoeuvres, I think because Tyler Angle plus Tiler Peck equals serious magic… Oh my gosh, Tiler Peck really made that ballet. I can’t wait to see her again tonight. She was just everything and more. Unfortunately Tyler won’t be partnering her (he’s my favorite male partner, along with Marcelo Gomes at ABT); she’ll be partnered instead by Adrian Danchig-Waring, a dancer who I am not all that familiar with but am excited to see. Also, heinously, my love Gonzalo Garcia (who owns the lead in this) is not dancing tonight; instead it’s Joaquin De Luz, who, yes yes, I’m sure will be spectacular as well 🙂 It will be interesting to compare, as I so love to do…

Casts are the same for Lifecasting with the aforesaid mesmerizing Robert Fairchild and Ashley Bouder, and Slaughter on 10th, starring Maria Kowroski and her legs, Philip Neal and his tap shoes, and Vincent Paradiso and his gangster persona! I’ll write more about this program after I see it again tonight.

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