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I’m happy for her — she definitely had her moments of brilliance, and I do think overall she did the best, most original solos of the season.

The rest of the So You Think You Can Dance results were: 4th Kayla, 3rd Evan, and 2nd Brandon.

Seeing Janette dance that Doriana Sanchez disco with Brandon made me want to see her again. I do hope we see some of these dancers again, and not just on the show but out in the world. As Jonathan commented on my Pasha & Anya Burn the Floor post, it seems like season three contestants have done well on Broadway, happily. I really liked Janette and Evan, so I hope I will see the latter on Broadway as well, and perhaps the former in a travelling ballroom show?… I will try to find out what’s going on with Sabra and Cedar Lake.

I think the other star of tonight was Louis van Amstel (above image from here), with all of those routines he choreographed throughout the season — the waltz, the samba, the paso — being chosen by the judges for encore perfs. And yeah, they were all really memorable, now that I see them again. Let’s see him do a Broadway / travelling ballroom show in the near future! C’mon Louis.

I really wish they would have had other dancers / dance companies perform tonight rather than have so many encore performances. How about some Alvin Ailey, ABT or San Fran Ballet, and maybe some fun small modern dance companies like Keigwin + Company? And maybe some top ballroom dancers as well, or some more America’s Best Dance Crew winners? I loved seeing Desmond Richardson perform earlier in the season and then, bam, that was it — no more outside dance. I would think audiences would really want the chance to see what else is out there rather than see so many repeat routines, flashbacks to the dancers’ auditions and interviews, and previews of next season, right?


  1. I'd rather see Louis come back to DWTS but that's hard since most of the girls are taller than he is (which is rather surprising).

  2. I'm disappointed that the choreography for Talia didn't showcase her fierce, ballet skills. 🙁

    I wish they had more dance guests on in the finale (but also during the season), too. The finale in S2 of the Australian version had Queensland Ballet Company, Australian Ballet, Pilobolus, the cast of Chicago… And instead of bringing back so many routines, each dancer in the top four picked one favourite routine to reprise, and the top two did a jive. Plus there were three new group numbers – Top 20, Top 10, and Top 4. And a ballroom and hip hop showcase, with the ballroom and hip hop choreographers. It was awesome and just a pure celebration of dance.

  3. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    I think Louis van Amstel is 5'7, so I can imagine a lot of the celebrities are too tall.

  4. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Oh I meant to mention that, LJ. I really liked seeing Talia perform (I remembered you commenting about her before). I'm glad they at least showed that! To me, it looked more “arty” than a lot of what we've seen on our version of the show. And what an excellent finale it sounds like you guys had! I think I'd like yours better… Are you watching ours on TV there? Is it broadcast in Australia? Or are you watching it on YouTube?

  5. Yah he's 5'7″. I'm taller than he is 🙂

  6. It's broadcast in Australia, but delayed. I think they just aired the Top 12 performance episode tonight! I'm impatient and watch it on YouTube – there's a user there who uploads the entire episodes of SYTYCD US, Canada, and Australia. Dance all year round. 🙂

  7. I think Brandon, Kayla and Jeanine all easily deserved the title of “best” dancer. Jeanine's personality has won her a lot of fans throughout the season. I'm really happy for her.

  8. I didn't even know there was an Australian version til the winner showed up to perform. Now that I hear about your finale, I feel a little jipped. Not that I was complainin' last night, mind you.

  9. I didn't even know there was an Australian version til the winner showed up to perform. Now that I hear about your finale, I feel a little jipped. Not that I was complainin' last night, mind you.

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