Okay, regarding the earlier controversy as to whether Ms. Bouder was dancing all out during the rehearsal, here she is with David dancing for real at Vail, albeit from a different section of the pdd. Personally, I think she looks beautiful — gorgeous arms. And surprisingly, you don’t even really notice the height difference, which has to be pronounced (she regularly dances with Joaquin De Luz at NYCBallet and David is well over 6′).


  1. Controversy? Haha: There is no end to the trouble I will stir up when AB is questioned! I don't think it was about whether AB was dancing all out at the rehearsal but whether a dancer should be expected to dance all out at a rehearsal. That seems to be setting the barre a bit high, so to speak. Anyhoo: The real thing is amazing! Such lines! My only criticism: I miss the legwarmers 🙂 That is one of those Alastairian criticisms, though, where even as I type it I know it is just me.

  2. Anne Coburn Whitmore

    🙂 Aw, I'm sorry, but Ashley can do no wrong in my book – she's fabulous. period. 😉

    I love watching dancers rehearse – you can learn so much — even when they are marking, if you look closely, you will catch or glean some little something; and then can look for it in performance.

    Watch the rehearsal video – and see how she comes out of her fouette sequence – she *finishes* it – doesn't fall out, but finishes it, so beautifully, perfectly. Like she's put a stamp on it, wrapped it up in a bow – just perfect and jewel-like — Bam!, after all that glittering, glistening, multi-faceted whirling, she places it all back into a perfect little velvet resting box – consummate placement, total composure, pristine grace. Amazing. And she probably does it that way every single time. 😉

  3. Anne Coburn Whitmore

    Hope it's OK to post this link:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1oXg_uNBos [“Ashley Bouder and Igor Zelensky Rehearse 8/1/08”]

    … again, amazing. And seriously, she probably really does do it this way every single

  4. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Thank you for posting that, Anne (and the David interview in the comments on the previous post 🙂 ) I think her fouettes are spectacular!

  5. I see a difference. This must have been super to see live. Ms Bouder nailed it here. And this other rehearsal clip she is wonderful as well. Thanks for that.

  6. From someone who's never seen Ashley Bouder dance – her black swan is FIERCE! That was amazing.

  7. From someone who's never seen Ashley Bouder dance – her black swan is FIERCE! That was amazing.

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