Very excited. One of my favorite actresses will be dancing at BAM’s Harvey Theater from September 15-21 with Akram Khan in their collaborative work, in-i (post-show talk with her and Khan is on Sept.17). I’d actually blogged about this a while back after seeing it reviewed in the English papers, so I’m very glad they are finally bringing this show to the US. Here’s a sampling of how it was received in the UK.

And, to coincide with the dance tour, BAM Cinematek is having a downright mouthwatering retrospective of her films. It begins with her latest movie, Paris, on September 11th. Following that 7pm screening, she’s to give an audience Q&A with the film’s director Cedric Klapisch. (Only prob with the retrospective: BAM doesn’t appear ever to be screening The Unbearable Lightness of Being…)

Also on September 11th, earlier that evening, at 6pm (I honestly don’t know how she’s going to fit all of this in…), she’s scheduled to be in uptown Manhattan at the Barnes & Noble Lincoln Square to talk about and sign copies of her new book, Portraits – In Eyes. (Binoche is currently taking a year-long hiatus from her acting career to fulfill other artistic passions — dance, poetry, and painting). This time B&N is making clear up front seating inside the little glass-encased area is primarily for book buyers.

All of this is exceedingly cool for Binoche fans, like me 🙂

(Above image taken from Aufemin.com)


  1. She's a dancer, too?! – she's just pretty much perfect … what are the rest of us to do, now? 😉
    I love her as well — all her films (God! – THE ENGLISH PATIENT, CHOCOLAT, UNBEARABLE…, TROIS COULEURS:BLEU,…), including DAN IN REAL LIFE (saw recently and really liked!); and, of course, all those Lancome adverts…
    hmmm, I think heading back to NYC is in order – soon! (I'd love to see this.)

    Thanks for posting all about it – you are such a resource!

  2. I once saw a sexy pair of shoes ascending the stairs at the Chateau Marmont and as my camera eye traveled upward I realized it was Juliette Binoche, who threw the prettiest smile over her shoulder as she breezed through the door. I only wish she and I had spoken so that I could “flesh this out” into a more meaningful anecdote.

  3. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Thanks Anne! I loved BLEU too — one of my favorites of hers! I haven't heard of DAN IN REAL LIFE — going to have to see it! (I've been a bit out of it, movie-wise lately). Well, she's not really a dancer-dancer — I think she just trained for this one work of Khan's during her year off of acting. It kind of makes me all the more interested in seeing this — how someone without years and years of dance training but who really throws herself into it for a certain amount of time can fare up there with someone like Khan. I mean, doing modern dance and not social… I don't really care how much like a pro dancer she looks like anyway — I love her anyway for trying. I just can't wait to see this!

    I saw the cover of the book on a poster in B&N (which is what alerted me to her book signing). They didn't seem to have the book stocked yet, but on the cover is a painting of hers and it's really beautiful. Unbelievable how someone can paint like that without training either. She IS really multi-talented.

    Wow, Mr. Wolcott — the Chateau Marmont! Is that as heavenly as it looks from the pictures? I can imagine her sexy shoes 🙂 She seems like someone who really dresses up — I'll never forget her Oscar dress with that hugely elaborate collar. I wonder if it's a French thing — or a Parisian thing. I just flipped through a book on French women and their customs (needed brain candy) and it seems they don't ever go outside without completely dressing up. Makes me all the more interested in seeing what she looks like at either the B&N or BAM Cinema appearances (still haven't decided which one I'm going to yet).

  4. There's something magical about the Chateau Marmont–it doesn't feel like a hotel, more like a private retreat, but with a funky informality that makes it somehow serendipitous, the sort of place where you bump into Chevy Chase and Robert Evans coming out of an elevator, run into Helmut Newton setting up a photo shoot in the kitchen with Amazonian nude models in high heels, pass Sam Neill coming out of his bungalow, listen to director Jim Sheridan (In the Name of the Father) describe discussing a doomed Joan of Arc project with Sinead O'Connor, or have drinks with singer Syd Straw in the lounge area…all of which occurred during various visits.

    I haven't been there in years but writing the graf above makes me want to make a 2010 booking! (And, compared with most other 'name' hotels in LA, the Chateau is reasonably priced.

  5. I had no idea Juliette could dance. Something to look forward to attending.

  6. Does anybody know the designer of that sheer black dress Juliette wore on The View recently?

    Vic B

  7. Does anybody know the designer of that sheer black dress Juliette wore on The View recently?

    Vic B

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