I know, this is starting to seem like the Pasha & Anya blog… but I just wanted to let people know that they are dancing in the Broadway on Broadway festival on Sunday, September 13th. Broadway on Broadway takes place every year and is basically a day-long series of free outdoor performances meant to highlight the various Broadway shows of the upcoming season. This year’s event is hosted by Michael McKean, who’s starring in the upcoming Superior Donuts, and will include performances by stars of Shrek the Musical, Next to Normal, Chicago, Memphis (Danny Tidwell is not performing though), Mamma Mia, Hair, Finian’s Rainbow, Ragtime, Billy Elliot the Musical, The Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, South Pacific, etc. etc. — basically practically everything that’s on Broadway right now. Pasha and Anya are dancing a number from Burn the Floor, obviously.

Performances begin at 11:30 a.m. and take place from 43rd to 47th Streets.


  1. You can blog all you want about Pasha and Anya – you're a fantastic source of news. I wonder how they're able to do all of these extra performances and still be in Burn the Floor. It's seems like the schedules would conflict. Saw Burn the Floor last weekend and just absolutely loved it. I hope to see it again before it closes.

  2. Tonya, I love all the Anya & Pasha news! And I appreciate the caveat about Danny Tidwell not performing at the Broadway on Broadway event. I finally got my tickets for BTF later this month and for Memphis in October! I can't wait to see Sergio Trujillo's choreography. I have followed his work since he was a dancer in Kiss of the Spider Woman with Chita Rivera.

  3. Me want to see more Pasha & Anya. Perhaps I'll get up to NYC to see them in BTF. I was planning to see Danny in Memphis, but…SIGH. What happened that Danny's not in the cast anymore? I really was looking forward to seeing him again.

  4. Hi — Danny IS still performing in Memphis; he's just not scheduled to participate in the Broadway on Broadway event on September 13th. But he is still — as far as I know — to perform in the show once it opens! Sorry for the confusion!

  5. I think if you can, you should because the cast from Finian's Rainbow is amazing!

  6. Whew! Danny's still in the cast of Memphis: What a relief! Thanks!

  7. Whew! Danny's still in the cast of Memphis: What a relief! Thanks!

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