“You have guests from all over the world to do their forte; it inspires the audience there to keep going and to commit to it. You are going to see a broad range of things. If you’re not into tutus and tiaras, you’ll see something more contemporary. You’ll be exposed to something you didn’t know existed. Your humanity will be opened to something very moving and very memorable.”

— Julie Kent on Indianapolis City Ballet’s upcoming all-star gala performance, in which she is a participant. And wow, look at this lineup: David Hallberg, Tiler Peck, Joaquin De Luz, Miguel Quinones, Sarah Lane, Jason Reilly (from Stuttgart) etc. etc. — dancers from all over the world are participating next Saturday night.

Apparently, Indianapolis City Ballet, which doesn’t yet have its own set of dancers, is testing the waters to see how much local interest there is in ballet. The company hopes to have its inaugural season during 2010-11.

Photo of Julie Kent by Roy Round.


  1. Lucky Indy people!
    With John Meehan working on this, I have no doubt it will be a success! Much luck to them for the future, with funding and all … I hope it all works out, because I think this would be great. And (nearby?) IU has a fantastic ballet program.
    I'd go to this in a heartbeat, if I lived anywhere near!

  2. I'm two hours from Indy so YEAH FOR ME!
    Seriously though, Indianapolis hasn't had much luck with keeping a ballet company afloat for very long. I do believe their's an audience for a good regional one and hope this one succeeds. It does need to be more than just a classical full-length redux company though. Oh how I long to see Balanchine performed by a company on a regular basis in Indiana. Bring some Wheeldon too! Do a nice mix but don't make it too gimmicky. Don't have “Bad Girls Of The Ballet Night” style programming. Keep it eclectic but classy and don't expect a miracle overnight.

  3. Susan — Hi there! Hope you ended up going! 🙂 …could we beg you for a guest blogging entry here?! 😉
    – Anne W.

  4. Susan — Hi there! Hope you ended up going! 🙂 …could we beg you for a guest blogging entry here?! 😉
    – Anne W.

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