…to rave reviews, particularly Benjamin Millepied’s latest:

“Receiving its world premiere performance, Benjamin Millepied’s “Everything Doesn’t Happen at Once” was a knockout.  Contrary to its title, there was a lot happening all the time, as the full compliment of 24 dancers often filled the tight performance space with a busy but ordered beauty.  Solos and lifts popped up like little tornados.  A sensual pas de deux featured Stella Abrera and Marcelo Gomes.  Near the conclusion, lines of dancers moved in a militaristic lock step.

During the final movement Daniil Simkin – a 22 year-old blonde Russian – stole the show. As the other men flung him up and about, he balanced in their raised hands and posed like a bare-chested god. And in solos that went by in a flash, Simkin seemed to tumble in midair, as strong as a gymnast yet light as a bird.

To the kinetic music of David Lang and the stark but effective lighting of Brad Fields, Millepied’s choreography was propulsive and contemporary. After making a strong impression with a new work at SPAC last summer, Millepied showed an even steadier hand here and with a larger compliment of dancers to boot.  Move over Christopher Wheeldon, Millepied is now the ballet choreographer to watch.”

ABT begins its four-day NYC season at Avery Fisher Hall this Wednesday. Can’t wait!

photo by Angel Franco from NY Times.


  1. AnneCoburnWhitmore

    Cute picture!

  2. AnneCoburnWhitmore

    Cute picture!

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