You guys are going to kill me but I’m actually sad to see him go (for those who didn’t see the show last night, he didn’t get booted off but announced he had to quit because of a serious stress fracture in his foot). I thought his presence on the show kind of de-politicized (or disempowered) politics — his “why can’t we just get along”-themed Samba with Cheryl this week with her dressed in the blue dress with the donkey insignia on the skirt and him in the red with the elephant patch on the back was hilarious. And he was a surprisingly good dancer — particularly for someone his age with no prior dance training who’d devoted his life to something entirely different.

I also liked his reason for leaving the show. He didn’t say he couldn’t perform but that he couldn’t practice, and the way he said it made it clear just how much he valued practicing. He realized how hard it is to learn to dance and to dance well, and how hard you have to work at it. And the thought of going out there without being adequately prepared is what he couldn’t handle. As should no one, in anything in life really. There are a lot of people who’d just wing it, who just wing it in everything they do. To me last night, whatever his politics, the man stood for serious work ethics.

But I know people hated him for his politics (which I honestly don’t know much about and frankly don’t want to know at this point!) So now everyone can watch the show in peace.

I’m also sorry to see Debi Mazur go. She wasn’t doing well but I still think she could have improved and I would have liked to see her try. Oh well…


  1. I don't think he was such a great dancer and frankly I thought he should have gone week one instead of Ashley. But that had to do with Fan base.

    As for the other eliminations last night, I thought Michael should have gone home last night instead of Debi. Debi got my nerves with her voice but I thought she was progressing as a dancer. Tom wasn't. Yes he valued practice and he wanted to be there (unlike some people *coughMacycough*) but he didn't progress in three weeks.

    My bone of contention in that when his doctors told him NOT to do the show anymore, Cheryl should have said, “ok look you're not doing this. Not only could you permanently damage your body, you could injure me as well.” I've been dropped by a partner who was healthy, if he dropped her while unhealthy, there is a possibility of serious injury.

    Did you notice Lacey's behavior during the confessionals? It was almost like she didn't want to be there…Maybe it was just me…

  2. All that's asked for in life is do no harm — this man has done serious harm — and he wants a pass through our dance world?

  3. All that's asked for in life is do no harm — this man has done serious harm — and he wants a pass through our dance world?

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