According to Dance Beat magazine, US and World Standard finalists Anna Mikhed and Victor Fung have broken up. Though not technically the best in the world, I’ve often found this couple just oozing with charm and charisma, as have others — they’re kind of America’s Sweethearts. They placed third in the world this year and they’ve long been second in the US Nationals. I don’t get it — first Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti — well, and before them, Karina Smirnoff and Slavik Kryklyvyy– these couples break up when they’re on top.

Anna tells DB she’s “thoroughly enjoyed these last 6 years of dancing with Victor,” saying they’ve grown individually and as a partnership. “There was no incident that took place, just a recognition, perhaps mostly by myself, that our paths in partnership and in dancing were going in different directions.”

She tells fans to watch for each individually, and DB says Victor has begun looking for a new partner. Still, I’ll miss seeing them together.

Here they are Viennese Waltzing in Hong Kong earlier this year:

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  1. What's going on in the ballroom world?
    They are definitely one of my favorites couples since Blackpool 2006? (When they went into the top six for the first time) I still remember the happiness and joy on both of them that night.
    Well, Mirko has paired up with a new person, Edita Daniute (Aruna's old partner).
    I bet the next Blackpool will be very interesting.

  2. Apparently Victor is now dancing with Anastasia Muravyeva who has just split with Mikhail Avdeev.

  3. Apparently Victor is now dancing with Anastasia Muravyeva who has just split with Mikhail Avdeev.

  4. Not sure who you are calling not technically the best ,any couple that gets to be in the top 6 in the world could hardly be anything than technically great. I have seen this couple dance and perform and they are more than worthy of their achievements.

    • Agree with John. Absolutely !
      I wish I had one twentieth of their technique.
      Anna and Victor are individually amazing masters of techniques as well as a handful of others who are at the top, and as a couple, they were, in my humble opinion, absolutely the best of the best. At the top of the professional ballroom dancing, if there is a degree of difference, it is more on the presentation and partnering – which can be a matter of personal taste. And I prefer this couple !!!!

  5. i know victor and anna have split as dancing couple but has their marriage also ended.

  6. Have they Victor and Anna ever got married ? Just curious !
    Presumably, they would not place priority on marriage, but rather
    their professional advancement in dancing comes first in priority.

  7. what is going on?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Both Victor’s former Blackpool partners left him for the same man.
    Both lasted very short time and never appeared in the top scene
    again. It might be a scheme to lure away Victor’s partners so that
    somebody from Italy could get into the Blackpool final . Quick cash
    work sometimes but Blackpool judges had principles and not stupid.

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