If you’re in New York (and you won’t be at work next Monday afternoon, Jan. 11th), absolutely do not miss SLSG favorite assoluta Veronika Part up close as she performs a duet choreographed for her and Matthew Renko by another SLSG favorite, choreographer Avi Scher. The free performance will be in City Center‘s studio 4 (upstairs). It starts at 3:30 and should last an hour or two.

Top image of Part taken from here (this was when she arrived for her stint on the David Letterman show). Second photo by Kokyat, taken from the event’s Facebook listing. Visit Oberon’s Grove to see some more excellent photos by Kokyat of the duo rehearsing.

Also, the Ballet Bag has honored James Wolcott and SLSG by including our coverage of the fabulous Ms. Part as among their favorite blog posts of the year.  Thank you Bag Ladies!


  1. A free performance in a studio? Don't public performances generally go up on an actual stage?

  2. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    Hi Liz — yes, they usually do (almost always), but sometimes a small dance company will let others come and watch, and City Center allows their larger studios to be used for that purpose. What's so amazing to me is that Scher, whose company is small but who is a great choreographer, gets these rather famous dancers to dance at these things. I foresee that that studio is going to be packed!

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