in 2010 includes NYCB’s Robert Fairchild (& SLSG fave, pictured below in Paul Kolnik photo), ABT’s Eric Tamm, and SYTYCD alum William Wingfield (pictured above with Whitney Jensen of Boston Ballet), and Alex Wong (also of Miami City Ballet of course).

And go here for a behind-the-scenes video of the January 2010 cover shoot.

via SYTYCDism.


  1. Alex Wong is fantastic!

  2. Take a look at Whitney Jansen:

    What's mind-boggling is that Whitney was only 15! Imagine how she has improved and evolved as an artist in two years!

    Well, we (SLSG readers) have been gushing over Robert Fairchild for three years now. We could have told Wendy Perron that a long time ago, but this past year, he has evolved from a teen heartthrob Romeo to an established leading man in Balanchine's ballets and Douglas Lee's “Lifecastings”. I can see him as the dance ambassador for all those boys out there interested in ballet.

    Last year, Dance Magazine named NYCB's Rachel Piskin as a person to watch. Too bad she's no longer dancing because I loved watching her.

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