For the Ballroomers, here’s a nice, rather long interview with Yulia Zagoruychenko and Riccardo Cocchi, current world Latin champs. They talk about dance versus sport (Riccardo was going to be a footballer on the Roma team — who knew?), art versus sport, their personal lives, how they started dancing, the politics of dancesport, what dance means to them, how they found each other after long prior partnerships, why children should learn dance, etc. Good interview.


  1. Thanks for this link! what a great interview.

  2. Hi, I cant get into to read this interview. any help?

  3. They are a good pair, on stage ando off-stage. If rumours were true, and that they are dating now, I am very happy for them. Both of them, truly complements each other. Riccardo is such a gentleman to Yulia (unlike most top male dancers, who tried to “control” their partners in every thing….)
    Its been a pure pleasure seeing them dancing away… I hope they could continue to form a dynamic and explosive partnership for many years to come…

  4. Despite all the words the pair Yulia and Max was the BEST.It is a tragedy and a shame for the world 0f Ballroom Dancing that because of the politics, intrigues and personal ambitions this team fell apart. Both Max and especially Yulia could have done so much more. “Лицом к лицу лица не увидать, большое видится на расстоянии …” – Сергей Есенин
    And the worst thing about it is that it is probably too late now. At least for Yulia.

    • Yeah, I was definitely shocked – I think everyone was – when Max and Yulia announced their retirement right after winning the U.S. Championship a few years ago. I was there and I remember being so thrilled for them and then the next day not understanding at all what was going on. It all became clear later, of course.

      Politics are such a huge part of the ballroom dance world. Perhaps more than in any other dance form. It’s crazy.

      • No, politics had nothing to do with their split, read the interview. They both had different aspirations after the 2007 US National. Max was tired of competitive dancing and wanted to do exclusively show dancing and asked Yulia to join him. Yulia on the other hand wanted to continue competitive dancing and felt she could do more in that arena. She was correct. Max caused the split. The irony is that Max is competing again.

    • Max caused the split, politics had nothing do with it. After the 2007 US National he said he was finished with competitive dancing and wanted to do show dancing exclusively and ask Yulia to join him. Yulia on the other hand wanted to continue competitive dancing and felt she had more to offer in that arena. She was correct. With Riccardo her dreams came true and she has fullfilled all of her aspirations. It is Max who is too late now. The irony is he is competing again.

  5. I think Max and Yulia were great from their arrival in USA until their split. But Yulia was truly the great dancer and Max the choreographer. The article I read is that he went home and then re-emerged to marry another Russian dancer. Yulia is no stranger to success and she truly is a swan with Riccardo as her partner. Everyone should wish them continued success and happiness. It is contagious and strengthen their partners around the world. What was was, and now what is is! I relish seeing them perform especially Yulia who was my teacher and it has been 8 years since i saw her. Kevin Whalen, Plainsboro New Jersey.

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