Haha! So the gossip papers are reporting that Ben Millepied and Natalie Portman had gone to see Gyor National Ballet of Hungary on January 9th. But that’s wrong! Pacific Northwest Ballet was performing at the Joyce Theater (outside of which the above photos were taken) on that date. Gyor IS coming to the Joyce though — on January 26th, and I can’t wait. I’m very intrigued…


  1. Natalie Portman really looks like a ballet dancer…that should be a good sign for the movie. I really don't like it when movies about dance cast people that look bad in dance scenes because they don't use dance doubles. I wonder how she is as a dancer?? Also…I wonder how awkward this is for Isabella Boylston…

  2. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    I know, I feel sorry for Boylston too! Yes, I know Portman has taken dance lessons and she's very into dance — she goes to the ballet a lot. I think they're using a double for some of the more difficult things, but I agree, I think she fits the part well. It should be a good movie — I have high hopes anyway!

  3. What's also really WRONG about this post is that animal crap-filled cigarette Ben's puffing on! I am aware that many dancers (and Frenchmen) smoke to suppress their appetites, but how in the hell can you dance with filled lungs? And secondly, isn't Natalie a vegan and “eco-friendly”? Judging by the photo, it doesn't look like she cares that she kissed someone who just smoked. If she is so intelligent”, she would realize that her mouth just contacted animal products.

    Sorry, I just can't stand it when people smoke. They ought to visit…

    Though Natalie is a decent actress on-screen, I can't stand her supercilious attitude off-screen.

  4. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    I know, I was bothered by the cigarette too. And SO many dancers smoke. I don't think other athletes do, not generally anyway. I wonder why it is so common with dancers — I guess because of the need to maintain a certain weight? I would hope there would be other appetite suppressants.

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