Okay, I can’t really say “ever” since I’ve never watched the Superbowl before. But seriously, who is Mark Sanchez!


  1. My husband is an avid follower of USC football, where Sanchez played before heading to the NFL. It's interesting that someone who was accused of rape is now in a commercial for womens' heart health. I'll have to tell my husband about this.

  2. Yeah, I read that too when I looked him up on Wikipedia, although I never know what to believe on the internet. It said though that he was only accused and that the DA never brought charges since they felt they didn't have sufficient evidence. As someone who worked as a public defender for so many years, I just can't judge someone who was never convicted.

  3. I'd also suggest that you can't judge him by a two-take promo spot like this. Did he wake up one morning and blurt out, “What can I do for women's heart health?” Or did his agent forward an email with the note “good PR op”… (I can't even bring myself to put a question mark after that.)

    On the other hand, you can judge him for being a Jet 😮

  4. Yes, but honestly, Michael, I didn't go into this, but you can read some of the Galley Cat posts on this, but honestly, I found the vast majority of Superbowl ads absolutely despicable in their misogyny and even misandrony. Women were made out to be bodies and nothing more and men were pathetic brainless morons who couldn't read, who didn't know who Louisa May Alcott was, but could only guzzle beer and munch on chips. Fine, if you're trying to appeal mainly to men, but is the average male sports man a cave-man embicile? It really repulsed me, and this ad was the sole one that wasn't on that degrading level. If that is what the sports world is like, leave me out of it! I am never watching the Superbowl again if the majority of the ads are like that.

  5. Here are some of the Galley Cat posts the guys are too stupid to read one:… and… I didn't read some of the other bloggers, but apparently Edward Champion and Jezebel and others had posts up about how horrific the majority of those ads were. I honestly felt really dirty and disgusted after it all. I really hope most football fans are not like the people those ads were targeted at.

  6. Here is one of the Galley Cat ones about the men are too stupid to read ad:… I didn't read everything but apparently other lit bloggers like Jezebel and Edward Champion wrote posts too. I honestly felt dirty and disgusted after those ads, and I really hope the average football fan is not like the people those ads were apparently targeted at.

  7. Yeah, it was pretty bad. I think the advertisers went overboard because the viewership is so fragmented now that it's hard to find a huge number of guys watching any one thing—and when guys watch football, they are self-identifying in a fairly particular way.

    On the one hand, it's like judging guys based on how they behaved at the bachelor party; on the other, it's like watching the Oscars and saying that all of the cosmetics/beauty/fashion ads make women look shallow and superficial. It's not the Super Bowl's fault, or the Oscars; it's advertisers in a feeding frenzy and willing to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

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