So now Baryshnikov and supermodel Kate Moss are making a ballet movie together. I know — all of these ballet movies! Moss is reportedly taking ballet lessons in preparation. The film is by Michael Clarke and shooting will begin in July in Marseilles. It’s not clear how widely the film is to be distributed but it’s to premiere at a fundraiser in England and later will be shown in galleries as a work of art.

Interesting: according to New York Magazine via British Vogue, Moss shouldn’t have too hard a time learning to dance on pointe since toe shoes aren’t that different from 6-inch heels. Toe shoes even include padding. What do we think about that one?

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  1. I think that its awesome that they're making a dance film (yay dance film! bring em on) and kudos to Kate for investing in learning ballet. Its a wonderful discipline to learn at any age. But… its friggin' hard to learn as an adult, even with the best coaches and lots of time to study. They'll have to come up with a choreography that isn't technically difficult. Even if she masters the basics, there's still the question of the intangible quality that professional dancers have that make it interesting for an audience to watch. Anyways, I'm very curious to see it!

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