As usual, I am very behind on blogging. My friends Chris Atamian, Mika and I all went to see Misnomer Dance Theater last weekend at Symphony Space uptown and I haven’t had time to review. So instead I’m going to link to their live-streaming of the show, which I was told is available on video from their website (and which should be much more interesting to you than my review anyway!) I didn’t have time to post about their live-streaming beforehand but I think this is an EXCELLENT idea for dance companies. People everywhere can see the performance, not just those who live in the locale where they happen to be performing. It’s like TV.

Anyway, I’ve always thought of Chris Elam and his troupe as one of the most original choreographer / performers in dance today. Elam, who’s traveled widely and picked up a lot of his movement from his study of foreign cultures, has won many awards; he also choreographed Bjork’s Wanderlust video. When I’d blogged about So You Think You Can Dance a couple seasons ago, you might remember I’d said I thought Mark Kanemura would fit in with this group. This is the first time I’d ever seen their dance titled “Misnomer” which eventually became the company’s name, and I was really floored by the humorous, playful, sometimes provocative shape-shifting. Anyway, see for yourselves: here or here.

Above image of Elam from the company’s flickr page.

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