Where Roberto Bolle is appearing naked in Mats Ek’s Giselle. Seriously, from what I’ve read, Ek’s version of the ballet looks really interesting: it’s moved up to contemporary times and is set in a mental hospital.

Photo taken from OperaChic.


  1. There's a clip on YouTube. The production looks monumentally stupid. I'm sure Peter Gelb will hire the design team for a revival of some obscure Verdi work.

    Nudity is a big draw; ballet and opera companies struggling to build and hold audiences should feature it in every performance. Just include the warning “Production Includes Nudity” in all your publicity and the public will line up in droves to get in. If you can get a celebrity to appear naked, even if for a split second, you can up your ticket prices.

  2. Nudity is not new to contemporary dance…
    check all Daniel Lévéille work..(an example here)
    In his shows, it has a meaning “a descent into the archaic depths to expose the implacable dimension of the human condition”…
    He will also perform @ the 7th International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Venice!

  3. BernardProfitendieu

    If there's an opportunity to take his shirt off, Roberto Bolle is first in line. Has he ever posed for a picture fully clothed? What's with this guy? He'd wash cars nude to promote the nearest carwash if he thought someone would show up with a camera.

  4. SwanLakeSambaGirl

    I totally agree with you. Nudity doesn't bother me so long as it serves an artistic purpose and isn't merely gratuitous, as I don't think it is in the Mats Ek Giselle. Leveille's work looks intriguing.

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