I love this review, from a writer, Randall Radic, whom I met on Facebook.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Plank’s writing style is fluid and easy to read.  And she certainly has a knack for getting inside the heads of her Ivy League characters.  Her portrayal of New York’s hoity-toityness provides a crispy snap-crackle-pop kind of humor to the story.  And even though Sophie is a product of Yale Law School, she’s really just a small-town hick from Arizona.  Which means she’s like a vegetarian at a Kansas City steak house – out of place.  And it’s this asymmetry that brings about laugh-out-loud moments for the reader.

Essentially, Swallow is a coming-to-grips-with-who-you-are story.  And it’s a good one.”

Thank you thank you, Mr. Radic!

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