Just got another review of my novel by lit blogger Mystee, at A Moment With Mystee. I’m particularly happy because this isn’t the usual type of book Mystee reads, and she still liked it.

She concludes with: “This book leaves us wide open for a series. Will there be another Sophie book? Even if there isn’t this one is definitely worth picking up.”

Wow, thank you Mystee! I don’t know yet if there will be a sequel. I guess it depends on how this one fares in the long run. I’m working on something else at the moment, but had originally intended for there to be another Sophie book (with the second more focused on dance; I wrote the first one before I’d become a dance fanatic), so I’m absolutely thrilled there is interest!

Also, I’m going to be doing a Q&A with Mystee later in the week. How gracious of her 🙂 — will be my first author interview! So, I will definitely be linking to that when it’s up. Read the rest of her review here.

Also, I see the book has now been made available on Barnes & (their list price is $10.79), as well as Amazon, and Smashwords.

Oh update! Mystee just published a guest post I wrote for her about the novel, my reasons for writing it, etc. It’s the first opportunity I’ve had to publicly chat about it, so if you’re interested please read! And thank you again to Mystee, who basically rocks!

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  1. See how slow I am? I’m just now getting in here again 🙂 I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the review, guest blog and Q&A…any time ?


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