My novel is now available at the newish online bookstore Indie Reader. So if you want to support independently published books and independent bookstores, please think of buying there — not just my book but others they’ve got there as well. It’s a curated bookstore; the books they sell have been selected by their staff. So they’re all likely pretty decent 🙂

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  1. Very well said indeed. Indie reader has given an outlet to unknown authors as well as small or independent published books. The fact that Indie Reader does in house reviews is a great benefit to all writers. Most of “us” authors are trying hard to get major Newspapers to review their work, usually with minimal success. My grandfather used to say that good books are found eventually. We just hope it will be in our lifetimes..:) Sites like Indie Reader can make that happen.

    Eddie Upnick
    Author of
    Time Will Tell

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