I know it’s not the weekend yet – and I still have another post or two I need to get up before it happens – but I haven’t had time really to devour this article like I’ve wanted to and so wanted to link to it so you all can read it without waiting for me to become unbusy with never-ending book stuff. It’s from the New Criterion and is by Laura Jacobs. It’s about Diaghlev and all the excellent collaborations he engendered at his Ballets Russes – between Balanchine and all the brilliant artists who worked with BR – and it examines what might be different about today’s collaborations. I think it’s particularly compelling in light of all the new ballets being premiered this season at New York City Ballet, many of which just don’t seem to have the same substance as those Balanchine ballets despite the fact that there are some really brilliant visual artists and composers working with the choreographers. And I don’t think I’m the only one with those feelings.

Anyway, read the article and let me know what you think. I’m still trying to articulate my thoughts on the new Melissa Barak ballet that premiered last week. And, tonight is the second to last of the premieres – this one by Mauro Bigonzetti. We’ll see how that one fares…

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