Holy crap, I cannot believe these photos were taken four years ago, right after I’d just started this blog, actually.

Like a proper newly obsessed samba fanatic, I’d dragged my friends to a Sushi Samba restaurant in the Flatiron District to watch the final game, between Brazil and … I don’t even remember 🙂 I think we had a lot of caipirinhas… But we also tasted for the first time Feijoada, Brazil’s national dish. It was like comfort food to me, having grown up on Mexican, and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Alyssa and Kathy were very excited about the farofa, which we sprinkled over it. It looked like parmesan cheese but tasted like very buttery, finely-ground cous-cous. Delicious.

These shoes were, and probably ridiculously, remain, the only item of clothing I own that is either green or yellow (Brazil’s colors). I seem to wear all black and red… and it’s funny how in some ways you don’t change.

Anyway … how does four years go so fast?… That was really a blast though. This year, I think I’m going to try to get friends together and do the same — whoever wins, celebrate that country with … what else – food!

Will be hard to take a break from watching my Yankees, but that’s the way it’s going to have to be unless I want to watch them on my home TV which really just doesn’t appeal…


  1. Are you not following SYTYCD this season? I’ve been DYING to complain to someone about how much I hate this new format.

  2. Hey great post about the worldcup in Sout Africa. I can’t wait the Socceroos to win a few matches. Go the best team in the world, Australia(or Brazil second choice) You can watch the Australian Socceroos match streamed live online for free, here: http://watchfifaworldcup.com.au !!

  3. Hi Liz – I’m so mad at myself. I hate watching the auditions but had wanted to watch Thursday night, when it officially started but totally forgot until I was at the ballet and by then it was too late. I’m trying to find repeats of it online because I heard the Pasha Anya routine was rather hilarious. But yeah, I do intend to start watching it next week when the competition begins.

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