According to the Korea Times, Hee Seo has (finally!) been promoted to soloist at ABT! 😀


  1. Finally! Yay! It’s about time. I would gladly go and post/celebrate on BalletTalk, but for the crazy/Draconian registration rules . . .

  2. Wonderful,wonderful news. She deserves it and I’m thrilled for her, her Thais pdd last week was just gorgeous. I’ve been waiting since I heard about it for some mention of it on Ballettalk, but their guidelines are so crazy that I guess nobody has been willing to post about it there until they get something official from ABT or one of the NY papers. I know I didn’t dare…

  3. I’m so excited too!

    I’ve never been a member of Ballet Talk but I mean the Korea Times is a reputable source I’d think and the info came directly from her in a phone interview.

  4. I would think that’s a reputable source, Tonya. It does all make me wonder if there are more promotions to come. I am wondering, for example, about the corps dancer Joseph Phillips. Are you familiar with him and with his story? At a certain level, so many ABT dancers are accomplished, but his story is interesting–he seems to have won absolutely everything as a youth.

  5. the korean times says: … There are currently seven soloists in the ABT, including Seo, which has some 80 members. …

    well, ABT has much more soloists than SEVEN, even without counting Seo. 80 is in question too.

    just noticing

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