Medalists in this year’s USA International Ballet Competition, held in June in Jackson, Mississippi, have recently been announced. This is one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world. People from all over the world compete, as you can see by this list of winners and their home countries. It has launched the careers of many current greats, including, probably most famously, Jose Carreno, whom I just blogged about in my last post.

So, congrats to these winners, many of whom I’m sure we’ll be seeing in the future.

Photo above of Cao Shuci, from China, gold medalist in women’s senior division, by Richard Finkelstein.

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  1. The Chinese are just such wonderful technicians. I’m a big gymnastics fan and they are some of the few gymnasts around who really take the trouble to make their work look pretty anymore. I’m not surprised a Chinese woman won a competition like this.

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