Apparently It's Update Your Headshot Season at ABT

It’s happened again. I was looking through old blog posts on the test site for the new blog (just to make sure everything’s transferred okay from old to new blog), when suddenly, I spy in some of my image links to ABT a different David Hallberg.

And later, ditto for Blaine Hoven. Blaine’s looks rather Dashiell Hammett / Raymond Chandler-esque, no?


  1. Don’t the NYC Ballet dancers have color headshots on their website? Why is ABT still in black and white?

  2. Isn’t this the third head shot of David, they had another one up for nano-seconds, well for a couple of days then reverted to the original one?

    That one might have been the same one as above? Anyway who cares I think the new one is a nice update.

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