Swallow is a “great novel, frothy and bubbly like a good champagne, with a touch of angel martinis!” say the Review Broads!

Oooh, I so love this review! Here’s an excerpt:

“Tonya Plank has written a novel about a woman coming of age at thirty; about moral and psychological integrity, with strong sentiments on male/female relationships between father and daughters and the undercurrents that appear in love and social relationships within those dynamics.  This is not just regional, women’s fiction – it transcends any genre. As the layers unravell like an onion, I fell into Sophie’s world most intently.  Ms. Plank’s first novel is a brilliant show of even greater things to come.  She is an author to watch and follow.  I know her next novel will be even more brilliant than this one, if that is possible.” (bold is in the original).

Read the rest of the review here!

I found The Review Broads when I was browsing in Borders one day and saw on the cover of a book in the suspense section – I think it was a James Patterson novel – a quote from one of their reviews. I hadn’t heard of them before, but loved their name and thought, wow, the cover of a James Patterson novel! So I jotted them down and Googled them when I got home, and found they’re a fabulous new, increasingly popular blog devoted to reviewing books and other products. Wow, so glad I sent them a review copy!

Thank you, thank you Review Broads!

On the other end of spectrum, another blogger, of Cheryl’s Book Nook, didn’t like the book so well. But that’s okay – I know not everyone is going to love it. Part of becoming a writer is developing thick skin. Plus, I really do think diversity of opinion on a book is a good thing. It shows people are taking the book seriously.

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