Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Cast Announced

Via Marie at Ballroom Dance Channel, the new cast will be:

Jennifer Grey
Margaret Cho
Audrina Patridge
Florence Henderson
Bristol Palin

Michael Bolton
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino
David Hasselhoff
Kurt Warner
Kyle Massey
Rick Fox

See Marie for more info on all of the contestants.

Personally, I’m excited for Margaret Cho and Jennifer Grey. Bristol Palin – seriously? What is becoming of the world we live in where politics and celebrity are merging like this through reality TV? Is there going to be a reality TV show called The Palins? There probably already is and I’m just too out of it to know about it, right? I never watch reality TV! (other than the dance shows). I don’t know much about any of the men other than David Hasselhoff and Michael Bolton, neither of whom I’m incredibly psyched about. What about you guys?


  1. If I were a gambler at all, I’d put all my money on Jennifer Grey.

  2. After seeing the partners, I’d put these in the final three:
    Audrina and Tony, Maks and Brandy, and Kurt and Anna

    I don’t think Jennifer will finish abouve top 5 though you never know. I’m extremely glad that Derek got a semi dude of a partner and that ABC was nice to Tony. First time for Tony that he’s gotten a partner under the age of 30 as a first partner. I think the dark horses this season are Rick Fox, and Bristol (which pains me to say).

    I think it’s a little creepy pairing Michael Bolton with Chelsie because of the age difference.

    I think Bristol might do okay but she and Mark are going to need to get a handle of her nerves on the first night because there is an elimination the first week. Bristol is the only one of these that isn’t use to performing in front of crowds so I think nerves will be a bigger issue for her.

  3. You definitely shouldn’t count out Brandy and her fan base. The amazing part of DWTS is that the pros are as interesting as the stars now. Who cares who the stars are since the pros are the real stars.

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