I Came To NYC Because I Saw the Brochure

It’s the anniversary again. And everyone who has read my blog for some time now knows that on this day, every year, I always link to the best essay ever about NYC – step down E.B. White! – by Colson Whitehead.

Above image by Peter Kelly, taken from here.


  1. My absolutely favorite essay about NYC also. I think about it whenever I talk about NYC with folks that are headed up that way!!! Will read it again b/c it too is always different. Thanks for the link…. It has been a while. (Actually, I am home schooling my daughter and was looking for a quick modern essay for her to read and comment on for rhetoric. This one will be perfect…..thanks again).

    • I’m so glad it touched you too, Peg! It is worth reading over and over again. It does always seem a bit different to me too every time I read it. I see things I didn’t see before. And it’s interesting to me too how certain things are dated but not the things you’d expect. I think he thought the whole mention of the World Trade Center would “date” it because he didn’t put that into the same essay in his book collection. But that’s not what dates it – that is historical. The parts that now make me smile are where he mentions the brick and mortar travel agencies (who uses a brick and mortar travel agency anymore 🙂 ) and the disposable cameras!

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