Now I Want to Root for Kurt Warner

Last night my neighbors were really noisy so I recorded Dancing With the Stars and went out to a bar to watch the Yankees. While watching the game (which we won!), I chatted a bit with a guy I met, and throughout the course of our conversation I mentioned that I was a dance fan / former ballroom dancer and from Arizona. He asked me if I was a Diamondbacks fan, and I said no, I was horrendously upset when they beat us in the World Series in 2001, even though I went to high school with the then-pitcher Curt Schilling… I’d worked downtown and Lower Manhattan just desperately needed a parade – something happy – that year; I think the series just became a symbol of much more than what it was because of what had happened. Plus, the Diamondbacks are a newish team and didn’t exist when I was growing up in Phoenix, so I didn’t really have a connection with them.

Anyway, so the guy asked me if I was a Cardinals fan. And I’m such a dork, I know nothing at all about any sport but baseball. I said, “What, is that a minor league team?” And he started laughing. He said, “No. Football. You know, Kurt Warner, the Super Bowl?…” All I know of the Super Bowl is Mark Sanchez :S I laughed and said I didn’t know football. He said, “Well, you’re rooting for Kurt Warner, right? I mean on Dancing With the Stars?” And then I put two and two together and realized that the football guy this season is the guy he’s talking about. So, Kurt on DWTS played for Arizona, who knew 🙂 And, look, he had A-Rod’s number…

Anyway, so on DWTS, I thought Michael Bolton rightly went home last night, even though I felt badly for him regarding Bruno’s nasty comment, which I didn’t think he deserved. I didn’t think his was the worst jive ever in 11 seasons; there have been too many untalented people on the show (Kate, Cloris, Buzz) or contestants who refused to work (that guy who was partnered with Ashley several seasons ago whose name I can’t now remember) for that to be correct. But I think Michael was having a hard time, it would have been an uphill struggle, and someone had to go. He might have improved but I think I’d rather see if The Situation can.

And regarding that whole spiel about the audience booing: I hadn’t even known there any controversy as to whom they booed – I thought it was clear it was the judges’ relatively low scores for Jennifer and Derek. Apparently some thought they were booing Tom Bergeron’s interviewing Sarah Palin?… Did you guys think that?

Football photo by Rob Schumacher, taken from AZCentral. DWTS photo taken from ShowStalker.

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  1. I thought Bruno’s comment wasn’t great but it was a horrible jive. I’ve been watching 11 seasons and I haven’t seen one that bad where he didn’t even look like he was trying. Yes I know he was sick but still, it’s his fault. He is in the middle of touring. I frankly think that ABC shouldn’t ask stars that don’t commit. An appearance every once and a while is fine but to be on tour or have to be taping a show and flying back and forth, ala, Susan Lucci, I think is completely unfair to the pros. Now granted, I don’t think all of Monday Night’s dance was Michael’s fault. Chelsie should have known better than to use that whole doghouse stunt.

    There have been some bad dances, Master P (who danced with Ashley ;)), Tucker, Kate, Jeffery Ross, Adam Corella, others, but they didn’t do a jive… That was probably the worst give I’ve seen in 11 seasons.

    No, the audience wasn’t booing at Sarah, though I think the whole “boo gate” was made up by her followers to get her more press.

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