I’m Going to be on Stacey Cochran’s Book Chatter Show This Friday, 10/22

So psyched – I’m going to be on popular Claws author Stacey Cochran‘s internet show, Book Chatter, this Friday, 10/22. The show begins at 9 p.m. EST. It’s live-streamed so you can participate if you want by going to the website where you can send in questions or comments via IM Chat. I’ll be on the show with a couple of other authors. I’ve never done this before (not a live-streamed show anyway), and have no idea what to expect, so it should be fun!

Also, Swallow has recently received several more interesting blog / website reviews, at: Read All Day; A Nut in a Nutshell; Spellbound by Books; and Style Substance and Soul. I’m really grateful for all of the reviews I’ve received, both positive and more critical. I’m really thrilled that people are taking the time to read it closely and really think about it.

Several reviewers now have said they found the part about 9/11 very compelling – in fact one of the most engaging parts of the book. I’m so glad because before I published, some had told me they thought including 9/11 in the plot may be a big turn-off to readers. So I’m glad readers have felt drawn in by that part of the narrative, and that they felt like they were there. My next book is about, not 9/11, but something unsettling as well that’s based on an event that really happened. And I feel that most of this next book is written in a style similar to the latter part of Swallow.

Anyway, maybe I’ll hear from you Friday night. If the time is not good, he records the shows and keeps them on the Book Chatter website, so I’ll link to it!

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