La Scala’s Pink Floyd Ballet in Turkey

While ABT and NYCBallet are performing next month in Cuba, La Scala is bringing the Pink Floyd Ballet to Turkey as part of an overall cultural effort to improve Italian / Turkish relations.

According to this article in the Turkish English language daily Hurriyet:

“Maximiliano Finazzer Flory, Milan’s deputy mayor and the person responsible for culture and the arts, said they wanted to see Istanbul and Turkey as their close friend, a desire that requires increasing cultural activities.

“’In this way, different history, tradition and experiences will come together to create a new identity in Europe. Creating value from this difference will be a way to make globalization better,’ he said.”

The performance takes place at the end of November. But have you guys ever seen this ballet? I’ve never heard of it but according to the article, La Scala has performed it around the world since 1972. It’s a combination of classical ballet, modern dance and rock music and was choreographed in Marseilles in 1972 by Roland Petit. Interesting!

Photo taken from Hurriyet Daily News.

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