Denys Drozdyuk Wins So You Think You Can Dance Canada

The ballroom dancer I was raving about earlier on seeing a few video clips of his dancing has won So You Think You Can Dance Canada‘s season three. Thank you to “Twirly” for letting me know by commenting on my prior post! Still so annoyed we don’t get the show here… I do hope he tours the US at some point. I would really love to see him dance live.

Congratulations, Mr. Drozdyuk! And congratulations, ballroom world 🙂


  1. I was happy to drop by and bring that news. I remembered seeing your post on Denys when I was looking for anything and everything on him when this season started.

    You may have a chance to see Canada’s Favourite Dancer live sooner than Canadians, as there doesn’t seem to be a tour planned. I believe he said he plans to return to New York after he competes in the UK in January. Mary Murphy (yes, *that* Mary) said backstage that she knows a Broadway show is interested in him, but he didn’t seem to know anything about it, and was pretty low key about his plans.

    Yay, Denys 🙂

  2. Was he the one that mixed ballroom with contemporary dance in his audition? If so, he was really good and it seems like a great choice for Canada’s favorite dancer.

  3. Tonya, with a little persistence it’s (usually) not too difficult to find the international versions of SYTYCD on the Internet. Canada’s Season 3 is easy — look on, someone there posted all the episodes. There is also a handy link on

    Happy viewing! It was a fun season. And I love your site, by the way.

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