Swallow Discounted for the Holidays

Just letting everyone know I was able to reduce the price of the paperback version of Swallow to $9.99 on Amazon. The price of the ebook is still 99 cents; Amazon and Kobo have it discounted to $.89. I intend to raise the ebook price after the beginning of the year though. But I will probably keep the price of the paperback as low as I can for a while. I know not everyone has, or likes to read with, an ereader 🙂

Thank you again for all of your tremendous support you guys!

Here is the link to the Kindle edition (above is the paperback version):


  1. The e-book is only 99 cents? Really? Does actually printing a paperback book actually cost $9?

    • Yeah, I can sell the ebook for whatever I want (well, 99 cents and above; they only let publishers set the price for free). But with the physical book, since it’s print on demand – they print it out each time it’s ordered – it costs Amazon a certain price to do that. So you can only lower the print book so much.

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