Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Finale

So tonight is the finale, part 1. The three finalists – Kyle Massey, Jennifer Grey, and, I know, most controversially, Bristol Palin – are performing first a redemption dance (a former dance they didn’t do so well in the first time around), and then the almost always entertaining freestyle.

First on are Kyle and Lacey re-performing their Foxtrot. Well, I can’t remember the first time they did it but this was smoldering! I loved him! So dazzling, such a man! I love how he licked his lips at her at one point, while she did a little solo, before he took off after her. And when they did their side by side footwork, he seriously looked Fred Astaire-ish. This dance alone honestly made me want him to win. He was a marvel – excellent dancing and loads of style. What more can you want!

Next are Bristol and Mark re-dancing the jive. Well, this was definitely much better than the first time around, where they were in those silly bear costumes. I thought she was cute and he gave her lots of little shake-y things to do – with her shoulders, hips, and those cute sassy forward walks – but she looked a bit tired. Her legs weren’t coming off the ground enough; there was a real imbalance between them. And she lacked his precision, which isn’t surprising at all considering her lack of experience. And she looked a bit unsure of the footwork, though she seemed to get all of the steps right. Still, she did have fun and looked like it, and put on far more of a show than she did the first time around. I still don’t think this is her dance though. I’m hoping for more from the freestyle.

Finally, Jennifer and Derek re-do their paso doble. Well, it was better than last time. She definitely had more control over herself. Derek didn’t give her a whole lot of dancing though; gave himself all the flashy stuff – with the crazy cape swirling, the tour jete, the turning jumps. I mean, I felt like she didn’t have a whole lot of chances to screw up here. But she did what she was given well. She looked polished, albeit a bit stiff in the upper body. That dance is so serious, it’s hard not to look stiff though. Overall, I still feel it’s not her best dance.

My winner for the first round is Kyle. Judges gave Jennifer the top score though (perfect score of 30; Bruno says he wished he had an 11 card).

Now onto the freestyle:

Kyle and Lacey do a full out funky hip hop to “Tootsie Roll.” Yeah, I’m not so in love with the freestyle round. They rarely involve any ballroom at all. It seems like they’re more for the pro ballroom dancers, who get to do something else for a change. He was a lot of fun though. Song was a lot of fun. It was the perfect dance for him.

Next are Bristol and Mark doing a Broadway routine (“He Had it Coming” from Chicago). I LOVED it! I can’t believe how well she did for never having seen the movie, or any Broadway show before! I didn’t expect her to do so well, since what she’s done well on this show has been the real girl, the authentic person dancing ballroom at a social but elegant ballroom event, and totally stealing the show. But this required real performance quality, and I believe she pulled through. Though the judges don’t… Audience seemed to love her though. I thought she had that Fosse-esque quality, with the hips, she used the props well – the chair, the hat, the cage, that crazy sash that they wrapped themselves up in! (Latin champs Max Kozhevnikov and Yulia Zagoruychenko have done something similar in a showdance, and I’m sure that’s where Mark got the idea from, because I certainly don’t remember that from the movie! – and damn, did she do well with it; that could have been a recipe for disaster, you know…). Seriously, she had that combination of jazz and tango down, and went back and forth between the two with surprising ease. I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I thought she did unbelievably well. I liked hers better than Kyle’s anyway.

Now Jennifer and Derek: cute, they dance to “Do You Love Me” from Dirty Dancing. Wait, is that also from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Well, it makes sense for her, of course. I thought she did well, but, honestly, wasn’t great. She looked nervous and had a couple of flubs where she was a slight bit off on the footwork and on the rhythm. It didn’t matter much; she was still a lot of fun and “sold it” personality-wise, and I guess that’s what the freestyle is all about. Still seemed to be more dancing for Derek though, more tricks at least. Judges have nothing but praise though, and audience is on its feet.

There weren’t very many lifts in this freestyle finale, huh? Overall, Bristol is my favorite for the freestyle round.

So, Kyle is my winner for the ballroom redemption round, and Bristol for the freestyle. I think Jennifer’s going to win it overall though.

I thought Brandy and Maks were going to perform their freestyle though. I thought that’s what the judges said last week. Instead, they’re doing a little preview of Skating With the Stars. Huhm, maybe it will be tomorrow night.

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  1. It’s “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago, not “He Had it Coming” from Chicago 🙂

    First time I didn’t watch in 11 seasons… too absolutely disgusted with the show at this point.

    I got the impression she has seen the movie? maybe I understood right but that wasn’t really a freestyle anyway… I think both Mark and Derek were off their game tonight. Derek’s free looked so much like Brooke’s it’s kind of sad.

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