Dancing With the Stars Season 11 Finale, Night II

My favorite dance of the night, maybe of the whole show: Jennifer and Derek’s waltz:

I also found The Situation’s “I’m Too Sexy” dance hilarious fun and Kurt and Rick’s competitive duet a total hoot. Of course some homophobic sports fans on Twitter watched the show for some reason (why?) and pronounced that dance the “gayest” ever on the show. Ugh, don’t watch a dance show if you’re going to be freaking out about guys dancing…

Anyway, so are you guys happy with the results? I really thought Jennifer would win. I didn’t really have a favorite to win, but thought this was one of the best finales in recent history. I was just happy with the fact that there were three very different dancers / very different personality types up there, each of whom brought something wholly different to the dance. Still disappointed – and kind of shocked – that people made it more about politics than dance. Of course Sarah Palin now has to ruin it all with this speech she wrote analyzing other reality competition shows, like American Idol, and reprimanding contestants she considers lacking talent from not recognizing that and dealing with it like grown-ups (by not trying out for the show). Which is going to bring out more criticism of her daughter’s performance on this show… Anyway, that is an issue for another day; I’m tired now 🙂

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  1. Sarah Palin really said/wrote that? Then where would that “maturity” leave someone like her daughter who really didn’t have the talent for dancing?

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